The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually January 12th   -  July 22, 2008   -   1216

This page gave me hell. I redrew it, like, THREE TIMES! (facedesks) (oh, go vote on TopWebcomics for the alternate takes!) It's not even that amazing of a page in the end, but believe me, this page took me every single one of those days that it did not go up. There's two more 'reduxed' pages for chapter one to come, by the way, and heaven help me they'll be done this week and then I'll be posting the rest of the scene with only minor tweaks, so there'll be two pages a day. :)

Oh, hey, look! A CAMEO! Did I ever tell you how much I like drawing other people's characters? (I'm totally just trying to make that site that tracks comic cameos life miserable). Sir Vivor from Apple of Discord appears in the top left corner. (I love drawing cameos, by the way. Feel free to poke me if you want your character to appear somewhere along the line.)