The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Some lovely people have been so kind as to donate fan art to Between Places. Or, you know, let me bribe them with cookies. Without giving you any more time to wonder if I blackmailed them to get these--fan art! For Between Places! YAY!

A cute, and burny fan art of Abroidine--who honestly, hasn't even appeared in the story yet, stupid people with insider knowledge--by Jandalf. Cheater.
And, also by Jandalf, Gabriel--who is absolutely NOT endorsing Pocky whatsoever, nuh-uh. Well, neither of us are getting paid for it, so it's just a recommendation, right? XD
This one's an adorable picture of Dayun from Children of the Tiger from the TomGeeks Secret Santa exchange in 2008.
This one's from Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit from the Insignifigant Comics Secret Santa exchange, and it's yet another adorable drawing of Dayun.
This hilarious comic strip is from G'Nerds 2000 and from the ComicGenesis Secret Santa 2008. Mila and Dreshae this time!
This adorable drawing of Falahil and Gabriel was from Amanda of Salt the Holly.
This conceptual interpetation of Gabriel came from NicoleAerith on DeviantArt.
This wonderful portrait of Dayun came from Amuletts of Epic Fail!
This painty picture of Dayun comes from DeadWizard of DeviantArt!
This swooshy fighty picture of Saerin came from Jandalf, who's given me two former pictures so I'm not going to bother to link you to her again, because the link is in fact up there. XDXD
Gabriel and Falahil made an appearance in the Realm of the Closet!
This isn't actually fanart, in that I commissioned it and bought it for twenty dollars from Mary-Therese Capaldi over at that blog, she specialized in anthro keychains but did an adorable little chibi for me!
PureNightShade of Children of the Tiger also did a painting of Avante for me!
Gabriel snuck into Sunset Grill!
I got this awesome painting of Dayun from Varethane of Chirault! Seriously, this is just awesome. I love the style and attention to detail, even I don't bother with Dayun's tattoos like that!
Gabriel from the Tomgeeks Halloween costume artswap. This is from Elczenius, who does not have a webcomic to link. Gotta catch'm all!
A humorous comic from the SpiderForest Christmas Secret Santa. I love it when people make Between Places funny. This one was from Special School.
From the Tomgeeks Iconic Images exchange... a "Dream Runner" poster from Requiem's Gate. Very attentive to the details... anyone who's seen the poster this came from will recognize it, just with my characters!
I'm pretty sure that PureNightShade's almost drawn all of my characters by now (or getting close! She's drawn Dayun and Avante, at least!). This time it's Dreshae. Her comic's already been linked up there.
From the ComicGenesis Christmas exchange, we've got a fun poster/card from Mansion of E. I love the White City in the background on this one, very artsy.
Seanan of Scattered Leaves sent me a funny interpetation of one of the scenes with Gabriel for filler!
Raika from Tomgeeks sent me an awesome drawing of Falahil for filler. Great interpetation. She has no webcomic to link to.
Crystal from Catalyst sent me this hilariously bishy interpetation of Dayun for filler! Check out her webcomic, it was one of the first SpiderForest comics I read and it continues to be awesome.
Clemon of Lusus Naturae drew a steampunky interpetation of Saerin for an avatar swap. So much detail packed into one avatar, you just have to check this one out--even if it's not official fanart.
Amuletts of Epic Fail did a nice group shot of a bunch of webcomic characters, including Gabriel and Falahil. See if you can recognize the others! There's at least one other SpiderForester and a few others from my links. ;)
Jandalf provided some filler!
Jaygee from Smyzer and Blyde drew this awesome interpetation of Rease! Unfortunately his comic seems to have disappeared from the internet but I'll add a link if he ever returns!
On Tomgeeks, we had an art trade to draw characters out of their genre, so here's Between Places, the western, as drawn by crazedinsaneone.
Shbomb of Sakana no Sadness sketched Avante for an art trade!
Sometimes I get fanart that makes me seethingly jealous of other people's art skills. Man, if I could design a dress like that... also, this is the first fanart of Almarien Vilanar I've ever received! From Tales of the Travelling Gnome.
Mitsukaiten from Cetiya strikes back with a sketch of Dreshae!
Hushicho sent me two drawings of Gabriel as a Secret Santa. This is one...
...and this is the other! Note: contains kind of mild nudityish.
Dutch from School Spirit sent me some Christmas Secret Santa art!
I commissioned some chibis of Xan and Saerin from PureNightShade on DeviantArt. Technically not fanart, but enjoy it anyway!
Gabriel made an appearance in Cetiya!
Emily from Footloose drew Gabriel as a Victorian boater for an exchange!
Apple Valley made a smartass comic poking fun at my revamp and magic system. And well, his comic's craziness as well. Check it out!
Varethane from Chirault sent me some suprise fanart of Rease in her new clothes! So cute!