The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually January 7th, 2009   -  July 21, 2008   -   1108

Woot, and there's finally an update up! Of course, I did spend all night painting the update for Thursday on the CG site because inexplicably, I thought it was WEDNESDAY EVENING. It wasn't. Oh, look! A cameo appearance from Union of Heroes! If you look in the back, there's the One Who Knows, who, for those who know my work, might look a bit like Hellion (whatwith the glasses) but he's not.

Anyway, this update replaces the first bit of this page...  

Augh (January 9, 09)   -  July 21, 2008   -   0616

It's six in the morning. I'm fed up with this update. It's just not working with me. The entire sequence. Tune in later today or follow me on Twitter to hopefully get the progress. I think I'm going to repencil them. I've tried two ways of doing this (there's supposed to be four new pages now), three if you count the original. (Dreshae pickpockets Dayun and runs off) I do not like the pages I have pencilled for it. I'm going to sleep on it and try rearranging it again. Hopefully there'll be an update later today (Friday. Evidently my grandmother's coming over and no one told me this before, though.), if not, it should be sometime Saturday morning. There will be a Sunday update on ComicGenesis and once I've gotten over these (currently) four pages, BP here will update with two pages a day until chapter one is done. But yeah, if not today, there will be one on Saturday HERE and the rest of these new pages shouldn't take more than the upcoming week. :) After that point, we'll be updating with two pages a day, probably mostly 'as is' with only a few tweaks for glaring flaws that bug me, until chapter two begins. Chapter two will have a new scene in it, to improve its direction and make it make more sense, hopefully, so stay tuned! Chapter two will also involve a bit of work that hopefully I'll get done while posting chapter one.