The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually January 17th, you know   -  July 25, 2008   -   0758

Aye, I haven't updated yet. Apologies. I'm trying to really abruptly switch around my sleep schedule to be up at SIX AM ON MONDAY MORNING FOR WORK! o_o Hopefully... hopefully the next update for this one will come on Sunday or Monday. I had to spend today to get my week's pencils ready--by which I mean the week's scribbled page bases with text on it. I really wanted it up this week, but as these are updates on top of my normal updates, I can't always get them done when I can. Currently the update for this page is texted with base colors. It's a simple page, shouldn't take me long. I do have a church event on Sunday--I mean, an extra one, so I can't paint all day, though, and I have a guest comic WIP with a deadline in the bag too.

Anyway. If all goes well, this page should update later today or Sunday. If not, I'll make a new news post.

In the meantime, why don't you check out Xylia: A Faerie Tale instead. She's currently having a "raffle" over January--donate and you get entered in a draw for a commission! (I got a wallpaper for donating, too. It's sexy. And it actually fit my resolution with some cropping! I make sucky wallpapers. This is a cool wallpaper. You want to get a wallpaper. Hey, I should do donator wallpapers...) I mean, I'm not asking for money from you guys (GIVE ME MONEY I'M POOR OH YEAH I HAVE NO PAYPAL LISTED LOL OH WELL), so why don't you go give someone else your money instead. Or even read the comic.  

Actually January 14th   -  July 24, 2008   -   1104

I wasn't actually planning on finishing this page today. Oh well! Wednesday update it is, I finished it all in one blast of inspiration and doodlyness. It helps that Zelda from Life's a Witch is a really fun character to draw. In case no one's noticed, I really like doing cameos. I'm going to make that site that tracks webcomic cameos life miserable. XD

As for that little bit of discord in the top panel, well... you can figure that one out yourself.

This page replaces this page. One more in the redrawn pages and it'll carry on with two a day for a while, as we'll be carrying through to Dayun's flashback, which many of you will have already read. :) (But I need a bit of time for chapter two's redrawn pages first. Or I'd post it all in one go.)