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things   -  July 4, 2015   -   1220

I am working on a Wordpress site. Yay. Why, you may ask? SHHH.  

D:   -  April 15, 2013   -   1522

I melted my computer.

The one with the half finished page. And the next five pages.

I don't know if it's the harddrive, gonna get me a Windows XP disc to run the repair function tonight from some guy on the other side of Winnipeg (Kijiji really came through; multiple offers!) and if that doesn't work, I'm gonna build me a new beast. I'm mostly annoyed because I had work in progress commissions on there and a few pieces of in progress art that aren't backed up. I'm not actually feeling too broken up about the rest of it. It is an old computer and it is high time I make a better one.  

And so   -  April 9, 2013   -   1942

I think this page really captures the original feeling of Between Places' art style. I'm trying to not lose the feeling it always had, while still using my improved Art Skills(TM).

I'm kidding. I was just feeling a bit lazier today. And like freakin' drowning but this isn't a blog, is it. I'm finding the comic kind of relaxing, I've been doing a LOT of paid art lately (not that that should dissude you if you wanted to commission me; art is actually my full time job now until I find new employment... I'm uh, not trying that hard yet though) and it's fun to sit back and do something with no demands except that which I lay upon myself. It's also kind of getting me back in a schedule mindset? I mean, today is Tuesday; it's a later in the day update but it's an update on Tuesday. And then the next one should be on Thursday if I can make it. We'll see. I might shoot for twice a week.

If you're worried about spoilers stop reading now! This didn't happen in my original script. Well. Okay, the original script didn't even have Rease in it, but I digress. The script I was following for the draft you guys were following, they went to the Temple and ran into Abbie, and had a pleasant conversation that was Not Confrontational At All oh no. And oh, it introduced a Small Complication(TM) that was the end result of a lot of leading up I've been doing... except, with the two year gap, I knew that the impact of that Small Complication(TM) would not be as powerful as it would have been following up from reading Between Places last week. You see, if I'd been posting this in 2011 like I should have been, you guys would probably remember that after Rease went to sleep, Saerin went to gather more wood for the fire, and then encountered someone implied to be Abroidine, the Maldlahin of Fire, and that's why her and Rease are here right now. They had a little conversation that went something along the lines of "you don't belong here, this is the land of the dead!" "But wait, I am dead, come back, you have to help us!" "Then come and find me!" And then Saerin went, okay, and her and Rease went off on their little jaunt in the forest after attaining pants for Rease, and now they're here. They were going to go into the temple and have a little conversation that was going to go a little bit like this.

Saerin: Greetings, Fire! We seek your aid!

Abroidine: (silent)

Rease: Hey. Omg she's scary, do something!

Abroidine: ...Who are you talking to?

With the perspective of what just happened, you might understand why this rapidly exacerbates into being the Small Problem(TM) I just mentioned. But if you're just dropping by and looked at the last couple pages, it doesn't quite have the impact I need it to have. You haven't known Rease long enough to fear for her sanity and that Saerin is actually a Cthulian projection slowly tearing apart her mind. You don't remember that Saerin talked to Abroidine only a few days prior and must be lying... right?

And so I introduced a complication that everyone can understand, with no backstory, no fnangling necessary. But, because I went to all that work setting up what was going to be a hell of a twist, I wanted any of you older readers to know. That was what was going to happen.