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APRIL F--oh wait.   -  April 6, 2013   -   0305

But I mean, what DO you say when you update a comic almost two years later than it should have been. What is there to say? Well.

1) Depression is a horrible thing, a very legitimate medical condition and antidepressants are not in fact the devil.

2) When you are literally actually allergic to the trees surrounding you maybe moving, regardless of financial worries, IS actually the right thing to do. So say, for example, you're allergic to pine trees and there happen to be pine trees surrounding your house. I'M JUST. SAYING.

3) Time might heal all things but it doesn't necessarily make you forget.

Yesterday, I finished this page. I sat back, stared at the computer screen, and realized I'd forgotten the last two years of my life and for all I know it could be summer, 2011, and someone's pulling a huge prank on me. Apart from a few highly significant events there's a huge blank. I know for a fact that I'd simply forget about emails. Read them and then realize a month later oh shit, I didn't reply to that. Days after days I would come home from work, crawl into bed, sleep all afternoon, eat something, go on the internet for a couple of hours and fall asleep again. That shit's scary, guys.

I'm going to try make the next few pages a bridge to 'start' the next book. Over the past couple years my art skills have improved fairly significantly. I've learned a lot about writing. About a lot of things. I always felt a little guilty though for leaving Between Places hanging. I want to try tie off a few loose ends. At least I had the good sense to leave my story at a decent jump point.

Frankly, I read over the last few chapters of Between Places, and I'll be honest: I can tell I was depressed, my heart wasn't in it, my art was so lifeless. I don't even know where I was going, the story was running in rambling circles. It might take a bit of kicking to get things off the ground again, but I do remember more or less what was supposed to happen next. I'm going to try make this point here accessible to new readers and we'll see what happens. :D Cheers.