The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Further hotness.   -  February 23, 2012   -   0020

So... I really feel like I'm getting it. I mean, when I launched into this page, I did the second panel first because I hardly understood what the crap I wanted from those other panels. Now though, I think I've got it. I feel like I'm in the art zone all over again. It's nice. And I love the bottom panel to pieces. And I'm actually happy with my speech bubbles!

In other news, I spent a lot of my time today working on THIS!, which is the test version of my next page layout. I just have to make the new archive pages and update my story page, about page, fanart page (I HAVE SO MUCH OF IT AAHHH), and and yeah. Plus I was an idiot and didn't name my divs the same things as they were in the current layout. I suck at templating, peeps.  

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