The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Hay, so   -  October 23, 2011   -   2337

My computer got #$%#$5ed up by a virus. The computer, of course, that has my comic files on it. This of course happened before I got my comic updated. I'll just double update on Tuesday. I haven't lost anything knock on wood yet, my computer just isn't in a particularly functional state. Well, at least the one I do my art on. Scirdy is fine. Man, I should've just gone Mac years ago. D:<  

Page 3!   -  October 20, 2011   -   0200

Page three. The major change on this one is the fact that I HATED panel two. Hated hated hated. It may have been the only panel I repainted in my 24 hours. I still hated it. However, I got it right this time and much prefer this panel. This is probably one of my favorite pages from the entire story. Other changes are more subtle. In panel three, I admit I love that panel... it is one of my favorite panels in the entire story. The only changes made are to Abbie's costume (as will be done to any shot of her), and a little bit of tweaking to make the sky less gradient-happy. In panel one, I reworked the lighting to give it more pop and of course, the costume.

Then, I reordered the dialogue a little. Changed the first line since I cut the line in the last page, I liked the word 'apocalypse' better than 'end of the world' since I think it has more punch. Moved the rest of the narrative dialogue onto the more dreamlike panel and attributed the dialogue to Abbie in the more realistic panel instead.

I can see the comment box now though, so not sure what was up with that; thanks, commenters!