The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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I have to work in five and a half hours.   -  August 6, 2010   -   2335

Yet I'm sitting here, I've flipped back through some of the last chapter and I'm just floored by how much my artwork degraded over the last little while. "Little" while I say, but I suppose it was a solid month or more... the work I did in May is so much better than the work I've done recently. And so much filler. And the news posts... I have been in no shape to update my comic. Even though my teeth are still bothering me, I think, though, it's time for me to get back into it. I'm going to try aim for Sunday again. Forgive me if I miss it; I know those of you who still check really care about the comic enough to want to see it through too, and enough to hopefully forgive me for hitting walls. I've finished pencilling this chapter now... just a few more pages to go. I'll do what I can to update but I admit I'm kind of glad I hiatused. I couldn't stand knowing that my archive was any more crappy than this last group of pages. I'll have to try weed the filler out sometime soon too. Thanks for putting up with me this far (I dread looking at my analytics) and I will try reward your patience with an update come Sunday. I might be working, and it might not be Sunday MORNING, but I'll do what I can to have an update up sometime Sunday day. I can't stand the idea of just fading out like this.

At the end of an absolutely shitty day, I can't even begin to say how much getting one positive review helped to reinspire me to jump back on board. Wish me luck (and healthy teeth, my next appointment's the 19th and my tooth is already bothering me D:). I know what I was doing before was better than I thought it was and it'll never get better if I just let my art stop dead.  

An apology   -  August 2, 2010   -   1527

No one reads my comic. Did you know not a single person commented on the fact that... for half a month... I didn't update? Nonetheless, I apologize. If you're here and reading this, well, then the apology is for you: I'm sorry for failing to meet my own expectations for myself. Between Places may not update for the next week. But then again it might. Until I manage to get over my personal hurdles, I can make no promises, only that it should update sometime between the 10th and 14th of August. If personal blogging amidst comics is not your thing, don't read further.

For the last two weeks I've done almost nothing creative. My energy has been sapped. A page of a story, a terribly written page at that... the birthday board for work... an avatar cropped... a few photographs snapped. I've been lifeless, listless, and museless. I had to face some personal revelations that I haven't told anyone and I had to get over some personal hurt that was causing me to seize up when it came to art. You may remember that I announced hiatuses when deaths happened. Well... I grieve differently than most people and it's caught up something awful. Two days ago I made a move to change this. I'm hoping my attempts to make some personal changes will be sufficiant for me to regain my muse. I may try Augnowrimo with a smaller word goal than NaNoWriMo just for the competitive sake.

I admit that I no longer have any real attachment to this comic's story due to my dislike of it but as long as I don't have a better story to draw I will keep trying to update. I will not go on an infinate hiatus without telling you guys first. I might fail to update without telling you... but if I don't plan on updating ever again and am still among the living, something will be posted which will include the outline of the rest of the story.

No one reads my comic. It's entirely for me. I think the only signifigant change you guys will see is that I plan to throw my mental vision out of the window. Things might get more... colorful, as this page demonstrates, even if illogically, because I want to have fun drawing my pages. :)