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WHAT'S THIS?   -  July 16, 2010   -   0034

A RANGER CAUGHT OFF HIS oh wait. It's just an update. >_> I know Friday's not my normal update day, but it's been long enough... I couldn't wait until Sunday! I'm not entirely sure if an update'll go up Sunday. I'm rather running short on pencils; obviously with the creative blockage I haven't been producing anything. Not a thing! Well, except for this hat made out of pants.

That said, I do plan on doing my best to return to my three a week update schedule. The break was good for me. I became a bit more aware of what I wanted, and what I want happens to be to draw pretty and shiny scenes that take place outside, and to have pretty pages that I like looking at. If that means a permanent two a week schedule, then so be it. This might do interesting things to my plot, which involve several more interior sequences, though... I tend to hit far more art blocks during those scenes and obviously to keep up my update schedule with quality art I've got to be doing what I enjoy, and that happens to be exteriors. Hm. We'll see what happens. However, rest assured that BP will not go on infinate hiatus unless I have a better comic scripted, that includes art I'd like to draw. As of current, I do not. (The Millennium House is unfortunately unfinished. Revenant Lights needs tons of editing, but that one might be a possibility in the future. We'll see.) I'm sorry for the gap in updates, but basically... I was too busy to think. I opened Photoshop every day, I opened this file every day... and it just didn't happen. It happened today, I happen to like the page, and well... unprofessional it may be, but I think I prefer liking the page to forcing it to get it over with.