The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Deja vu!   -  June 7, 2010   -   2342

You know...I get the feeling that something similar to this has happened before.

Still feel shitty. But I did the update anyway! Woo. After work I'll hijack my sister's camera (hopefully) and post a few pictures of shinies for you guys too.

In retrospect, I'm still awful at drawing archers and arrows, but my goodness has the rest of my art improved. Heh.

The archer is Elion, the initial founder of the Order. He looks sort of like Gabriel for reasons that won't show up in Between Places, thank goodness, because Gabriel's origin story would sidetrack the story completely. But maybe it will become my next comic. I have a bit of a soft spot for that story. If you came over from following me on Comic Genesis, I posted a few excerpts of it... it was my Nano from 2008. :)  

Ergh   -  June 7, 2010   -   0114

So I had one of those 'lie there and suffer' days. Seriously, I stayed in bed and suffered until around four thirty... not asleep, just suffering. Got up, managed to convince mom I desperately needed wonton soup, discovered my PS2 saves had all been wiped and my card apparently not only will read but can't even save anything new on... that, by the way, included my almost finished FFX, Kingdom Hearts, and FF12 saves... AND I AM NOT A FAST GAMER... that was probably 100 hours of gaming, or more. Not to mention my card had the DDR save. D:<

Then I read through Regretsy. And started on Craftastrophe. Uh-huh. One of those days. The Advil I took at 5 is starting to wear off now so I'm going to go to sleep and hopefully will get away with having only taken one today. Hopefully tommorow my jaw will not hurt. D:< (Because on the plus side, my filling was initially very sensitive to cold and now it's not so bad! So that means SOMETHING'S getting better! Let's hope that something means "everything"!) If I feel better tommorow, by better I mean not shitty, well... I'll get my page painted. If I feel REALLY good I'll go for a double update for Tuesday, since the page after is a pretty... eh... easy one. But no promises. Unless of course someone donates me fifty dollars. ^__^'

In the meantime, I added a new link exchange to my links page. Have a read of that, if you'd like.  

HUGZ   -  June 3, 2010   -   0104

My brain is kind of melted... it's been melted all day, actually... from the dental appointment I had. The first of many. x_o Got a couple teeth filled, but I still sort of feel vaguely like I was hit by a train. I don't imagine mouths really like having pieces of your teeth chopped out.

If you didn't see the thumbnail change, there's a new vote incentive... this one's a speedpaint of some character that appeared ages ago in the comic that might just show up again. >.> I don't expect anyone to remember him, though.

This page is mildly unique in that J actually drew the first panel rather than just doing detailed pencils over top of mine... thank goodness, because I was far too dead to draw anything. Still am far too dead, in fact! AWW, LOOKIT, ISN'T IT CUTE, THE PSYCHOPATH FELL IN LOVE WITH THE LAMB lolerzokay, yeah, I really need some sleep... the sad thing is I think Xan is probably less terrifying than Edward for dating material because at least he's just straight up psychotic control freaky.