The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Whew   -  May 25, 2010   -   0419

You know, drawing Saerin getting sick was definately a... different challenge. It's hilarious. I've drawn people getting stabbed, killed in horrible ways, and bleeding all over the place but you think I can draw someone vomiting? Heh. Apparently not. But I'm fairly happy with the progression anyway. It'll probably be stated outright in comic a bit later but Maldlahin and their guardians are linked so they feel each other's pain or something like that. If one of them dies, the other feels it. Which is why Xan gets sick when he tries to kill James... and which is why Saerin is sick now. Xan is under duress having killed his Maldlahin, or in the process of... which is making him sick... and she's his guardian so she's feeling what he feels. It'll probably be outright stated in a chapter or two, because it applies to something present-time as well. >.>

I put a necklace up on Artfire! Take a look. It's a little different than the commissioned ones I'm offering in the store over here, which will hopefully have some pictures up soon... they have to have two sides covered in resin so they're not dry yet, so no pictures yet. It's a kind of neat, off-kilter sort of thing.

The book in the background's sort of neat. Really old, from the 1920s or something, and it has a stamp from a library from a town that was abandoned in the coal fires in Alberta... talk about history! Lookit how well preserved it is! I couldn't resist using it as a background with history like that!