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Oh dear indeed!   -  May 20, 2010   -   0241

Hello, potential new readers dropping by from the Comic of the Week promotion on SpiderForest! Stick around, it's been nice to see a few extra visitors trickling in over the last few days!

My store page has been set up to make it as convenient as possible if you're interested in buying a commission or a pendant thing from me to help me out with my dental drama. Pictures forthcoming of the pendant things. Here's a little incentive: if I get 50 dollars from Between Places readers, I'll post a fourth page that week! (And if I get 100, well, you'll get 5 pages that week!) Buy my stuff and EVERYONE benefits.

This page was almost late. I'm really tired, after pulling an all nighter after getting called in to work really early. I guess I should sleep now. It's a little rough as my dead tired pages tend to be but I still have a soft spot for this one, just don't really like the top panel of Saerin. I like that inset one of her, though. And the middle one of Rease. And Xan. If I get time maybe I'll polish them a bit more.

I have an interesting quandry. In starting a different first chapter for Between Places, I came up with a really nice, much more ease-into-the-story scene than the initial first chapter. It involves Mysada and Avante and is a wayyy better story start. It's not too long, and I was wondering if you guys would kill me if instead of the next chapter we jumped into the prologue for about a month. It's all new content, just... all new content that happened fourteen years prior to the first scene. And it would probably also let me get rid of that stupid history dump scene with Dayun and jump straight to the interesting stuff... it's not too long of a scene, is it the sort of thing you guys would be interested in seeing or should I just stick with present time and leave the little prologue alone? I mean, I'd like to re-retcon chapter's one and two, but maybe you guys would rather I leave well enough alone I'm pretty sure my crappy beginning scares people off, is all, since I often lose people within 3 pages and I know it reads (and looks) better now. D:<

Methinks it's bedtime. I just hallucinated a giant spider. o_o I guess it's because I've only had three and a half hours of sleep and 1 and a half hours of eyes closed but still conscious over 38 hours, though...