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Woo   -  February 18, 2010   -   0025

Today's filler (LOL DAYUN FILLER) is from Crystal of Catalyst and I really appreciate the people who donated time to sketch something for me for this week so that my comic would still update--since I wasn't even home thanks to the funeral. Anyway, this is it for short notice filler week and we should be back to normal updates come Sunday. :)  

FILLAH   -  February 16, 2010   -   2321

Filler from Raika from Tomgeeks, who I don't believe has a webcomic but there's her website link nonetheless! Filler Thursday and then normal update Sunday. Reason for the filler is that I shall be gone from the internet entirely for Tuesday and Wednesday for a funeral. So, y'know... yeah. T_T

The comic of the week is Smyzer and Blyde!

This is a great noir comic that brings to mind all sorts of great comics, not that I can name any, but it makes me think of great comics, I can assure you! A thrilling story, detailed ink and color art, excitment, drama! ETC! Read this comic because it is GREAT.  

Eep   -  February 14, 2010   -   0337

Sorry for the filler update: my grandfather just passed away and I just haven't been up to, well, eh... creative vibe sort of down quite a bit, that's all. I'll try get a real update up for Tuesday but no promises. Sorry. x_o

Thanks to Seanan of Scattered Leaves for the filler, though! You can check out her comic here. A short notice silly sketch and a great drawing of Gabriel. I can just seem them trying to outdo each other now. XD Good comic. Comic of the week continues and there will be a new comic Tuesday, though! Huzzah!  

OMG THE DRAMA   -  February 11, 2010   -   0555

One of the things I like about Gabriel is that he has a very expressive face. I get to do my most dramatic expressions with him. Possibly the ONLY thing I like about Julican (cheesy villain that he is) is that he's very PHYSICALLY expressive. He talks with his hands, and it's REALLY annoying as an artist, because half of his personality is in the movement. That said, it was completely not intentional that he looks like he's flipping Gabe off in the last panel. (facepalm)

That said... OOOH, LOOK, DRAMATIC TENSION. Julican = likes villain monologes. Gabriel = just likes screaming. Seriously. I think of all my characters, he spends the most time yelling at people. I didn't really like this scene when I scripted it... but I'm kind of taking a liking to it now that it's colored, even if I don't feel that it's my best work artistically. I do feel, though, that it is advancing the plot quite signifigantly plus it's dramatic, has some action in it, advances the plot, and well... well... WAIT TIL THE NEXT UPDATE. >.>


I love plot advancement! Besides, now you guys know what the baddies are trying to do! YAY! Also, I just had to change a signifigant portion of my script because something hit me! YAY! Oh, Realms, I'm tired. G'night. Sorry for the lazy art. Really tired now. Pfftherghle. Comic of the week was Scattered Leaves, if you missed the review back on Tuesday... check it out!