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Zzz.   -  November 8, 2009   -   0144

Let's play a game of "Let's guess which panels T did when she hadn't slept for 20 hours and still hasn't and in fact is highly tired right now and just knows she'll regret 'finishing' this page and probably edit it later and which panels T did when she'd had enough sleep the last night."

It's the first one, by the way; I also finished the last panel today and the gun-toss one. If it had been a few panels left I would've just went to sleep but I just had that panel left to do entirely and well... it doesn't look done and I'm not happy with it at all, even this tired, but I'm yawning head splittingly and have a headache and can't really see the screen anymore. I'll think about excerpts later. I'll be changing my vote incentive in the afternoon or so so if you wanna see it, get your vote in now! I'm at 50k, by the way. Woo! Party! I'd party better if I wasn't falling asleep here. Might edit stuff in the morning. I feel drunk tired. I have this lack of ability to do all nighters, by which I mean 24 hoursish. 20 hours? After four hours of sleep and a workday? This is killing me. Spelling goes first and art too, ahaha, oh well.