The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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November 5   -  November 5, 2009   -   0437

Whew. Page up... yes, magic is hereditary. Avante does have a point. And a gun. Man, I hate drawing guns. Why didn't I give my characters lightsabers? I like drawing lightsabers. Fun lighting effects, epic battles... whyyy did I have to go with guns and normal ol' swords... T_T

Changed vote incentive to a panel for an upcoming scene with Saerin. At least, half of the panel, with no text, and inked instead of painted so it's basically more like concept art for the upcoming scene, but hey, spoilers! Enjoy!

Excerpt time? Yay!

“Listen.” It’s a voice and it’s right in her ear. “We don’t have any reason to want to kill you.” It’s all dark. She can’t see and she can’t make out anything but a bit of a heavy smell and a lot of cold. “I’m sure we could find one if you give us enough reasons to.”

Her head hurts. It’s buzzing. She remembers something. Some crazy pain right before she passed out and tries to see if she can wiggle her fingers. There is a strange pang but they seem to cooperate with her as they ordinarily would. Raiyn shudders.

“Look. I’m not with him… I don’t even know him…” As long as they didn’t cut her arm off. That had been her first fear. That her arm wouldn’t work anymore. It seemed to be just fine, though. Except for the fact that they were tied behind her back, it was otherwise working all right…

“No?” There was a sound or two, whoever was talking to her sat down heavily. The voice was more distant now. Just a hair. She was used to voices in the dark. But this wasn’t a friendly dark, with smoke and distant giggles and bumps in the next room, people laughing over there and cats screaming over there.

It was just… quiet.

Too quiet.

And so cold. She was shaking just a little bit. “I’ve only seen him a couple times. He’s not going to come for me, if you’re thinking to use me as some sort of trap. And,” as an afterthought, she added, “I’m not a virgin.”

“Rumors and legends abound. We don’t sacrifice virgins. Come. Walk with me.” She felt someone grab her arm, and he let go of her with a start. “Fire…” he hissed. Raiyn tried to pull away; she didn’t want someone to be touching her just now. “Walk!”

She did. She walked blindly, trusting her feet to not carry her over an edge. A few moments later he tugged the blindfold over her eyes. She stood in the middle of what could only be described as a dead grove, covered in snow. Large flakes drifted down from the sky, occasionally pausing and spinning. A moment later, the flakes reversed, tearing themselves from the ground and flying up into the air. Raiyn took a step back. It didn’t change anything. Her companion grabbed her arm again. “Watch!” he yelled at her.

She watched as winter reversed itself. She watched as people began to run around backwards. She watched as the snow vanished into the air and the clouds pulled back, the sun setting in reverse, rain beginning to fly up from the ground. Drops hurled themselves towards the sky as if gravity had been reversed. Wind rustled her hair. He didn’t hold onto her but trusted her to stand there, her wrists bound behind her and her eyes wide.

Leaves began to leap from the ground, reattaching themselves to the trees. Once they were there again, they began to unfurl, cracks vanishing, broken bits of wood flying up from the ground floor and replacing themselves where they had grown on the tree. The leaves began to shift from brown to green, color rushing back into them.

Green began to reappear amidst the brown and dry grass, all of the foliage beginning to turn back to summer. Dead insects picked up from the ground. She watched a fly take back to the air, flying away backwards. A bee hissed through her hair—backwards.

The humming bird was too much for her. Raiyn took a step backwards, stumbling and sitting down on the ground—rushing backwards through seasons that had already passed. Things were beginning to look lush and green again, no trace of the dry and brown she’d watched flicker by, the white and the cold they had walked out into. It was the middle of summer, and things still weren’t stopping.

Raiyn stared up at the sky. The clouds were churning, that was the only word she had to describe it. The way things shifted around, suddenly vanishing up into space. It left her almost slightly terrified. She stared up at the sun. Once in a while it would flash, as if remembering light and day. Stars occasionally showed up in amidst the blue. Mostly it was blue, but for moments she watched it change to red and pink and purple, and even for a little while, a faint shade of green. That left her frightened. Green meant a storm. This was like a storm of time.