The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually March 15th, 2009   -  September 20, 2008   -   0321

This is another old page that I elected to just edit. Because I felt the original said all it needed to. I did, however, change the narrator tags. The original was what's mentioned from the archive. Now it's Avante as narrator. The original page was back when I was just starting to get comfortable with my painting style, and I think it shows. There's minimal detail and the shading... is also minimal and sucks. I tried to amend it as best I could, but I was working off of a flawed base. It was faster than redrawing it, and, as I said, the page really did say all I wanted it to say still... but I'm not HAPPY with it, y'know? The next page I'm probably going to leave as-is because, even though I'm not happy with it now, it was one of the first pages I was happy with then. Okay, I'll probably edit it a bit, as I've been trying to pull the shading towards the dramatic high contrast I've been loving lately, but yeah. Come to think of it, that really was the first page I ever played with lighting on, the next one.

Oh, while we're on this art topic, the update for ComicGenesis is gonna be a wee bitty late. I had to redraw the entire thing after I first pencilled and texted it BECAUSE IT SUCKED (okay, more specifically, it didn't serve its purpose), and I can't afford to stay up two or three more hours to finish it (I have a rather challenging panel that I can't find references for). It will be up Sunday afternoon, but before evening because I won't be home in the evening and then I have to go to sleep for work, after which I will swear at myself because I'll just realize I've totally forgotten to pencil next week's pages... CRAP.