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March 11 09   -  September 15, 2008   -   0123

Okay, okay, it's not Tuesday anymore. T.T But here's an update, and it's TWO PAGES, no less! I'm not so happy with the second one, but that's probably because I'm getting tired and lax on the details by now. The quality of my updates are directly connected to how tired I am when I'm doing them. xP Also, these two pages were the first two I tried experimenting with speech bubble shapes on, so they're definately not as good. (I text my pages wayyy before I color them... it's sort of how I finalize my script.)

But I wanted to spend a bit more time on the first page too, because it's the first time you actually see Talnaver. Talnaver. Ah, yeah. My Mary Sue. She's the first character I ever created (at the age of 13) and was originally a self insertation. She's not much like me anymore, though. She's gone through a crazy amount of development since the first story I ever wrote with her... though she did retain the Terran mannerisms, giving her a glaringly different method of talking about things and dealing with things than many of the other characters have. So. Yes. There's quite a contrast between her twenty-first century teenager tone and say, Saerin going all high and noble... but I love it. The cultural and developmental differences of the characters still all lead to one end, anyway: snark! Woohoo, snarky banter.

Quick question if anyone's reading over here: is this too much content for one page, or is this a better balance than the three-four panel pages? Is this more satisfying for an update (even though it's, er, late)...? Obviously while trying to update both this site and the CG one with three pages a week, I can't do double updates until this scene (the last all new content scene, alas) is done... but once we've moved on to old content only (and then finally, only new content over here!), I can try getting longer pages out... >_>