The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Eepers! (March 8, 09)   -  September 11, 2008   -   2229

Eep! I've been called into work last minute (I'm a casual, so this isn't unanticipated, entirely...) and I have another hour and a half or so of work left on my update... it's a slightly tricky one and I didn't have all the background work done... now, it's a choice between having four and a half hours of sleep and the update up (albeit late anyway) or six hours of sleep and the update up later than it would've otherwise been, but still late.

I'm chosing the option of late update and more sleep, thanks. I'll post the next update as a double update, it will be up on time (ei: Tuesday) and there will be two pages. In the meantime, why don't you go and read Galaxion (space opera manga! Woot!) or one of those comics over there in the Project Wonderful boxes. Currently Glimmer's in the big one and it's a pretty cool comic, hand painted, too! CLICK THE ADS, DANGNABIT, THEY GIVE ME MONEY. I LIKE MONEY. In fact, money is why your update's gonna be late. =P Woot, work! Also, if you didn't notice yet, I changed my vote incentive a day ago, to a concept sketch of Hellion. More relevant to those reading on ComicGenesis as they know who he is, but yes. And that should be about it. See you on Tuesday with a double update...  

March WELL IT'S THURSDAY IN BC STILL! (6th) It's March 6th, 2009. Yes.   -  September 10, 2008   -   0013

Granted, it's only 12:15, but yes, this update came late. T.T In my defense, as I posted on the ComicGenesis mirror with that update, today, our water was shut down. That constitutes a slight emergency, since we (as well as the rest of the street) will be without water for the next few days now, and we had to take advantage of the brief window for dishes washing, toilet cleaning, and making sure we had drinking watering. I also put up Project Wonderful ads. Support my wonderful sponsers who appear to be paying about 1 cent a day for that button ad by clicking the buttons and the skyscraper over there.

With this page... this is really the beginning of what you guys didn't see happen originally. With the last panel, I was trying to capture the feel of the original page ten. That page was really where I started pushing towards this style you see now. I think I pulled it off.