The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually January 31st   -  August 1, 2008   -   0043

This page is left as is from the original. Look, I'm not repainting all of them. I don't have indefinate time on my hands. The next sequence will go mostly as-originally-posted, except to change the odd speech bubble... I'm using mostly size 10/12 text now, instead of size 12/14, and not using borders on my bubbles. I may occasionally tweak things, like in the last page, I repainted Dayun's face in the last panel because it was bugging me. But mostly as is. For example, this page, the perspective looks somewhat wonky. Meh. I'm not fixing it. So pbth. Tune in again tommorow--and every day thereafter--for me reposting old pages until I catch up again! Chapter TWO will have a brand new scene. >.>

While we're on this old comic pages being reposted topic, need something NEW to read? How about Life's a Witch?, if you're not interested in me reposting the rest of this scene! This one's a G-rated comic, unlike the one I linked in my last page, and like Sex Percussions, it's also part of Frumph.NET's WAR. And since they're all fighting for promotions, I'm going to link a bunch of them as I post old pages up. So no bias. >.> Kinda. Mostly. Life's a Witch is also a member of SpiderForest so I guess there's SOME bias in my choices... XD