The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually January 30th!   -  July 30, 2008   -   2346

So, uh. This page is replacing this page! and no, it's not dated right, but that's because now I'm rearranging things. I'll be updating every day til I catch up again--chapter two has a new scene that involves a ton of new art. Merp. I'm resisting the urge to redraw things for this scene, so most of it will remain about the same, with only the speech bubbles changed for consistancy. Unless I hit something totally awful. Like the last panel in this one, which I repainted. Oh yeah, and over on ComicGenesis, I appear to have just hit 100 pages! Woo. In honor of my 100 page aniversary, I'm going to do a special painting, a painting by HAND. And then I'm going to hold a contest for zee painting. So stay tuned. This probably won't be an immediate thing, but be prepaaaaaaaared... FOR MORTAL KOMBAT.

Oh yeah. On Frumph.NET, there's currently a comic war going on! You should pop over and pick your favorite comics and spam them to give them a hand! So here's one comic currently in the WAR... Sex Percussions. It's set in Vancover, and rated PG-13 and not for the closed minded, aaand it's one of my fellow SpiderForesters. I'll be giving more WAR links as I update to draw attention to comics whose artists/writers I know or have read, especially since this series of updates is not anything new and original... might as well give some other reading material options, hey?