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x_x   -  July 7, 2011   -   1444

So it's been months. Weeks. Something. I suppose people want to know what's up. If you're not interested in personal details, don't bother reading on! (The short of it is I've been sick.)

The word of the year is ALLERGIES. Environmental allergies. Hayfever. Whatever you want to call it, I'm apparently allergic to it. Normally I experience some allergy symptoms... I burn through a box of Benadryl or something and by then the season's over. Not this year. After I got sick in March (in retrospect, I probably had pneumonia and not bronchitis after all) my immune system crashed. At least, that's what I imagine happened, because it was after I recovered that my allergies took a nosedive. I have never had a year this bad. Breathing? Haha. Sneezing, sinuses, eyes, you name the allergy symptom, I probably experienced it. Normally a plugged nose and a bit of sneezing wouldn't stop me but one of the first signs of allergies for me is an itchy red eye. Last year I was able to control it with occasional Visine. This year, though...

It went insane.

I'm on a finger's crossed "I hope it's over", but then, I'm also still hyped up on Reactine. In a few hours I'll take some more. Non-drowsy allergy medications may not make me fall asleep, but they're still like working through a fog. My focus is shattered when I'm going pill-to-pill, but it's better than lying in bed with a wet cloth over my eyes to try stop myself from rubbing. Many days I couldn't bear to even look at the monitor, I just sat there with a wet cloth and played Flash games and watched YouTube videos with one eye when I was up to sitting. You don't know pink eye until you've experienced long term allergy pink eye. Your eye makes these horrible stringy bits of mucus that feel like you're blinking over sandpaper if you dare open your eyes, they glue your eyes shut in the morning and if you keep them shut for too long, and sometimes it hurts even to have your eyes closed and there really isn't anything you can do then because even eyedrops burn like hell. One day I went to work with one of my eyes basically swollen shut... I looked like someone had hit me in the face... and worked with one eye until the allergy medication kicked in and my eyes and sinuses started draining enough for me to focus. I probably shouldn't have gone in but we were short staffed and you can't catch allergies.

There was no way I was going to paint like that. I couldn't focus on the screen for the four hours it would take to make a page. I couldn't SEE the screen. Even writing a blog post was beyond me. Forums? Hah. Everything died. I could only think about breathing.

Am I better now? I don't know. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Whatever superstition, but it'll probably involve Claritin at some point or another. One of my eyes is working properly except for the odd itchy spell. The other one is still red and still spazzes out and looking at things through that eye is like looking through a cloud. I guess I could paint now. I haven't tried. I did ink a picture (what strange alternate universe is this!). Maybe tonight.  

Zzzz   -  June 25, 2011   -   0538

Will be late for work if I blog now. If you're just checking, tune in... I dunno... nine hours or so for blog containing haitus explanation, ranting, very belated Comic of the Week and MORE!!!! Wooafkdmlfgf.