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>_>   -  December 30, 2010   -   0118

Well, I was PLANNING on just posting more of the gift art I got over the holidays (and people who made gift art: don't worry, it'll go up at some point in time and get front page spotlight if I have my way!) but, er. Well. Here's the next page.

You see, I don't try to solicite donations but I'm pretty sure back in the summer I did post something along the lines of 'I update my comic with a bonus update if I get this much money'. Right now, as any update is a bonus update, this'll have to do. I WANTED to post two pages but I gotta get a few hours of sleep before work. So just for the sake of establishing things: yeah, if I get donations I update asap, it's like MAGIC. But now I'm going to have my four and a half hours of sleep. G'night.