The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Current progress: Script: 100%, roughs: 100%, page 1 of 8.

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Sunday update NOW GUARANTEED.   -  September 23, 2010   -   2238

...No, seriously. Uh. It's actually uploaded. It's just a one-paneler, a chapter cover... but I HAVE A BUFFER. After missing so many updates I can't tell you how weird it feels to have an update in the buffer. I toyed with posting it tommorow or making this one into a double update because of how many I've missed... but I think because of how many I've missed it's probably more to my advantage to have it queued up for my standard update day. And ooh, I'm not working the weekend (at least not yet) so I might have time to finish Tuesday's update (also a wussy one panel) too!  

Also, new vote incentive!   -  September 23, 2010   -   1902

New vote incentive is up. If you missed the last one (the red steampunk lady) it'll probably eventually go up on my DeviantArt page because I liked it. Vote for a sketch of Rease being angsty in the potentially near future.  

Aaaand that's all, folks!   -  September 23, 2010   -   1749

At least, that's it for chapter nine. It was a doozy! I highly recommend you go back to the beginning of chapter nine and read it all as a whole... as it was meant to be read. Especially since I had to take a hiatus in there I think reading through it will make the little things come through better. But that's just me. Because, y'know, I wrote it as a whole and I snuck all sorts of little tiny plot advancing bombs in there. It was actually a very, very useful chapter (to me). Probably less so to you guys.

Also, I hate Illustrator. Hatehatehate. Haaate. Have I mentioned that? Of course not, I've never used it before! However, I did use it for this comic. Specifically, for the bubbles... stop getting too confused. I've always been told Illustrator is way better for lettering. Frankly, it might be better but it's so user-unfriendly... plus it lacks so many Photoshop shortcuts I realize I unconsciously depend on. Right clicking buttons to see more options, for one thing. Or clicking away from the text box to drag it (I realize I can control-click on the text to drag it but I'm so used to NOT doing that). Plus the stupid program doesn't save my styles when I shut it down so I have to remake the stroke/color/brush combo I'm applying to my speech bubble shape every time I start the program up! It DOES, however, make prettier bubbles (with some effort... I do like the warping tools because there's an insta starburst bubble... I hate drawing those and now I'm tempted to redo all of my pages with starburst bubbles... well, the text part) and it is possible to get the nice varied looking stroke outlines I like. So I dunno. Would be nice if it had an export to Photoshop option. I'm going to end up with far too many files of bubbles otherwise. Muttergrumble. So yeah, turn in for chapter ten starting... well, I don't know. Hopefully Sunday, but my update schedule is made of erratic these days.