The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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WHAT IS THIS   -  September 1, 2010   -   1725

Happy September first, everyone! Disregard the lack of updates behind the curtain. If the site is a bit wonky, give'r a hard refresh and enjoy the new site layout, curtesy of my excruciating lack of doing things that needed to be done. This layout has the fun new feature of a background that shows up on (almost) any resolution with no empty space! Give it a try and maximize your window, or zoom out, and enjoy the almost infinate background... also the site checks out in HTML!

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional

That goes to show you just how much time I wasted on this site. Anyway, not only does it function in any browser I thought to test it in, it validates as HTML transitional (I got too bored to fiddle with the stuff from other people in the sidebar to make them validate as strict) but it even works in IE6, bar the ugly transparent pngs.

I added someone new to the links page; check their comic out... rankor chronicles

Oh. Yeah. The lack of updates. Uh. Look, to be honest, I can't promise I'll ever make it back to three pages a week. I'm going to try for one from here out and try work my way up to two and then three if I can. I think I'm out of the water now. I have a few more brutal work strings and HOPEFULLY a vacation for ME... but mostly out of the water. I mean, obviously, I got this done. I sat down and I did my page. It might be up at an unreasonable time but it's up... consider it Thursday's update. And I'll try for Sunday. I can't promise but I'll try. I did say that short of me dying, if I'm to take the infinate hiatus there will be one final page to tell you how the story ended. I'M NOT DEAD YE--


But no, seriously. For those who want to know, mid-August my sister ended up hospitalized and could've died. I really did mean to get back to updating in August but worrying to death about your only sister is hard on the creative spirit. But here you go, the product of my August. A page, and a brand new and exciting site. Enjoy. For those who stuck with Between Places this long, thank you. For those who emailed well-wishes and prayers, thank you too. For those who commented on my last couple of updates to say you were still checking... thank you. I'm not dead yet.