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CYBERPUNK!   -  June 25, 2010   -   0020

Also this page probably explains a lot more than most people probably realize.

SpiderForest, my collective, is open for applications this July. Now, if you're serious about comic creating and have a comic you think is pretty dang good and might fit in with our present lineup, I definately encourage you to drop by and apply. Applying isn't a guaranteed in, but if you're using a free host and feel like your comic is just too good for that free host... I kind of admit that's how I felt on ComicGenesis... maybe it's worth it. SpiderForest is all the good parts of ComicGenesis and none of the bad. Go apply! Honestly, I can say my experience with SpiderForest has been nothing but positive, and I'm definately glad I applied. I think every now and again that without the collective behind me I might have just let this comic slip. The hosting is good and the people are great, and it's definately worth it if you think a collective might be something you're interested in. (For me, it was.)

I just got four fillings. My jaw hurts. (I DON'T BLAME IT EITHER.) It will cost me around 2500 bucks to get a root canal and crown (I asked for a quote) for the original tooth I was freaking out about. Sooooo if you happen to want to buy a commission or some custom jewelry PLEASE FEEL FREE. The last person who got their piece messaged me to rave about how awesome it was and told me I should be charging 25-35 dollars for the tag alone. (On that note: one person ordered a piece and hasn't responded to my email for a shipping address. IF YOU'RE READING THIS, LEMME KNOW YOUR ADDRESS SO I CAN SHIP IT. KTHX.)

On another note, I'm getting really sick of posting these rushed updates. There's cool potential in these pages... like the cyberpunky cube in this one... and I'm being forced to rush over it to get my updates out in time, mostly because since I'm in pain I don't want to work on graphicy stuff as much. I'm really considering going to Tuesday/Friday for a little while. I hate to, because my updates lack a lot of content and it would slow the story down from a crawl to a mollases trickle, but...

Well, what do you guys think? I know half of you are here for the art anyway, so maybe you'd rather I was posting nicer, less rushed art twice a week instead of more rushed art three times a week?