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Aaand we're back   -  June 15, 2010   -   0245

Just in time too, next update (if I manage to make it) is the 2nd aniversary. Woo.

After that mini hiatus, I realized just how badly I needed to take that break. I've been all go and no me, between work and other things I've really had no time in there that was just me. Perfect timing too. I discovered that every single save I had on my PS2 memory card is now gone... and seeing as I never finish games and take forever on them, that bites. A lot. So I restarted FF12, and I've almost managed to get to where I was... I've gotten to Jahara, and picked up my heal slave (coughLarsacough) so that I can go do as many hunts and sidequests as possible before advancing the plot... before I had just finished all of the stuff on the mountain. Technically I could skip abusing my free pots heal slave and just buzz back through Golmore Jungle, the Henne mines and Parama Rift... could probably do it in a couple more days of gaming... I dunno, we'll see. But honestly? I needed that break, that break of not making art and not editing stories and not writing... just had to kill some time doing some pointless crap. I think it helped. I think I've gotten over the writer's block and I realized just how badly I missed drawing.

As for the pain, well, I made it 11 hours without needing Advil. Not perfect yet (would like to go FOREVER without needing Advil) but better than I was the day I went on hiatus. Tooth is now out (I totally kept it) and I no longer feel quite so sick. I do, however, feel very drowsy from taking all of this painkiller, which was one of the biggest things holding back the updates. I still feel drowsy, but now that I'm not popping an Advil every three hours, it's less bad and I can focus again.