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Contrast!   -  May 13, 2010   -   0227

Comic of the week iiiiiiiiiis...

Sakana No Sadness!

Last week's comic was an oldbie... this one's really new. From the creator of the Artiste Manquee, now finished, comes a new comic... this one being Sakana No Sadness.

The name obviously brings to mind manga right off the bad so I'll dispel that... Sakana is not a manga. In fact, it may have the privilage of being one of the only comics set in Japan without being in a manga style. The art is colorful, cartoony, and brings to mind cartoons such as the Rugrats... though the story and writing certainly doesn't. The main character, a socially defunct nerd still dwelling in his parent's basement... who hasn't left the basement for 13 years... wanting to combat his lonliness without having to face such horrors as human contact... builds himself a robot to... well... unfortunately for him, the robot is a snarky smartass who's not about to cave in to the fetishistic ideas of having a sexbot! PG-13 hijinks ensue. It seems to be picking up fans rapidly, and for good reason... it promises to be hilarious.

I especially love the contrast in this page. Sharp readers who actually can tell the difference between my blond characters may have noticed Saerin did look different in the last page, and I will be retaining that, at least in the flashback. A lot of time has been progressing and both her and Xan are getting different hairstyles and clothing in the pages, as well as the constant change of lighting and weather... I'm just trying to indicate that a lot of years are going by, here. I may keep Saerin's look, though--at least the bangs, because that's how she's supposed to look, none of this flowy loose hair nonsense. All of my old concept art of her had her with bangs and a braid so I'm not sure why I changed it... laziness? But I do love the sharp contrast between Xan (deathly pale and blue) and Saerin (sunny and growing). I always refer to them as being as different as night and day, opposite sides of a coin, the whole hope and fear deal briefly blathered about a chapter ago... Xan is evil and killy and Saerin is... less evil and killy. And well, Xan and Saerin look like I see them in my head on this page. So woo. Bonus points.

There was no blog last week, sorry about that... I had a pretty bad asthma attack, and no inhaler juice, and it was difficult to get the page done, let alone write a good review.