The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Yarr   -  May 6, 2010   -   0252

Sorry about the filler two days ago... my great grandmother died. This page is rushed because I really wasn't up to painitng but I didn't want to have NO update this round. Filler was done by Jandalf, wonderful person that she is (have I mentioned how I feel like I'm totally ruining her pencils when I color them? Seriously, look at that awesome art, and that was just a quicky from her!), and Xan--less wonderful of a person that he is. Ah, Xan. <3 If I could have him kick around for the rest of the comic I totally would. Evil bastards are the best. I'm so not an Avante fangirl, I want more bastard jerkfaces!

The comic of the week... terribly sorry about the belated post again... is... (round of drumrolling...)

Man, look at that sexy snarl. Crystal of Catalyst sent me some wonderful fanart last Febuary, if you didn't see it while it was up then take a look at this sexy drawing of Dayun!

But that aside, I must heartily recommend this comic. It was one of the first SpiderForest comics I read and from the first read, I was hooked. This was way before I had my own webcomic, guys, and this is one of the comics I read and looked at and went "omg, I want to make a comic like that". So I've got fond memories of it, I can definately say it was one of my comic inspirations. I found the art absolutely stunning, the detailed color, the extensive use of color, the painterrific details going on everywhere... and a nice solid fantasy storyline to go with it. I mean, look at the light shinies. As someone who's primary webcomic experience consisted of Catena Manor and 8-Bit Theatre, well, Catalyst was an absolutely jawdropping breath of fresh air. It's well worth the read, both pretty and entertaining.