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>_____>   -  April 25, 2010   -   0130

I have this terrible realization that I forgot last week's comic of the week. Er. WHOOPS. Sorry about that. Comic of THIS week will go up Thursday.

This week's comic of the week... or last week's... was... Precocious!

Now, I don't have much new to say about Precocious, because I not only linked it in the last comic of the week round back in 2009, but I also linked it and reviewed it the first time I found it just because it was awesome! It's one of those family safe comics with the major characters being terribly devious evil genius characters in school. This is the kind of humor comic that makes me laugh. Check it out!

In other news... uhm. I would like to introduce my co-creator. (SAY HI oh wait you can't you're asleep. Say hi later.) Now, as some of you MIGHT possibly know, Between Places is merely a slice of the massive lasagna that is this story world, which probably explains a signifigant number of its flaws. The world itself is actually the collaborative effort of myself and Janell. Between Places has, up to this point in time, solely contained my own work--my art, and my writing, mostly by my carefully skirting around all of her characters, as many of their plots are very entwined. When I originally scripted this scene, I just had Saerin go all "so when I was a kid I had bad dreams but then Xan showed up and stopped them blahblahblahstuffthathasn'thappenedyetblah" and basically this whole scene was done in two pages of massive history dumping. It was terrible. I realized then what I wanted to do was SHOW her history. That... however... was literally impossible to do without Xan showing up at some point.

So I went all HELP ME PLZ and she went OKAY (because she's a wonderful person) and so... the following sequence has the distinct honor of being the only piece of Between Places that has two writers and two artists. That's right, two artists. I sent her my page thumbnail and she very kindly did pencils for me of all of her characters, that being James and Xan there. If you notice a dinstictive improvement in the anatomy, blame her. 'Fraid that's not me. I still colored and did the backgrounds.

So yeah. This world has always been a collaborative effort and it feels much more RIGHT to me to now have her actually on the team, even if only for a chapter. If I could make her stay, I would. She takes my wild, unrestrained plotting and makes amazing things out of it. Like this page! And then I went and ruined it. >_> Vote to see her pencils!