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April Fool's!   -  April 2, 2010   -   0137

Was yesterday. Which was a Thursday. If you flip back the April Fool's page is still there, but this is the update for Thursday that would've otherwise gone up Thursday, as normal.

I was a bit hesitant on the last panel. It is a bit fanservicey. But I wanted to keep to the through the window view and I wanted her to yawn. Soo. And well, the costume was HER choice. Not mine! Really. Saerin is the sort of character who, when she's on her own, feels that being fully clothed is optional, unlike SOME characters (coughpantscough). I found it an ironic contrast. A very ironic contrast.

I don't even want to talk about how long this took. Or how many layers. (61. There. I said it. D:) And this isn't the first page in this chapter that'll take a long time... I basically have next to no background cheat sequences. (dies) A lot of interiors (I hate interiors) and a bunch of new backgrounds with different angles. If I can spent the time on each page, it should be a visually interesting scene, at least.