The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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I accidentally   -  March 29, 2010   -   2358

I accidentally an absurdly detailed chapter cover. Don't get used to it. (Compare to chapter seven's cover--probably took me half an hour or less. This one... um... well... 59 layers, one Photoshop crash and several hours later...) See it bigger here on DeviantArt!

The comic of the week is The Plains of Eldlor!

Dragons! Rifts! Elves! Fantasy! Stuff! So anyway, there's these dragons and this rift that's been torn into the fabric of the universe or something... well, I'll let the comic speak for itself. The archive isn't that long yet... thirty-some pages, and you can read through by clicking on the pages just like you can here in Between Places (much easier than clicking the itty bitty text). So really, you have no excuse. It's not going to take that long to read and it's a pretty good read. It's a riveting fantasy graphic novel with a well thought out story that seems to promise to deliver action and excitement for its readers. Expressive dragons, colorful art, and detailed world drawings that allow for a glimpse into the idea of a much larger world... the Plains of Eldlor is a good example of high fantasy done right.  

Mm.   -  March 28, 2010   -   0219

The comic of the week was Fuzznuts if you missed it!

Man. I had a lot of work this week. Good for the money but not good for the productivity OR the sleep. Hence missed blogs, etc. So much catch up...

Now, normally I'd try avoid telling you guys what's coming up. But I'll be straight with you. The next scene, I pencilled THREE TIMES, I had that much trouble with it. Once the first bit goes up I'll probably post the original scene pencils for your pursual as a vote incentive... but basically, I cut the original two because they weren't cutting it for me. In my outline I had the scene written down as basically "Saerin tells Rease specific spoilery information" (which you will find out in the next chapter, obviously!) and I'd intended it to be a couple pages of history dumping.

I wrote and drew it twice. Neither worked. So in the end, I kicked the bucket, gave in and drew what I really wanted... a flashback. I wanted to really SHOW you guys this stuff. A minor problem came up, though. You see... okay, you don't, but you will shortly... Between Places is part of a two player universe. I've carefully evaded tripping on the other player, just as she carefully skirts around my toys when working on her own stuff. But at this point, I realized there was no way I could entirely avoid it. Saerin's history is very tightly entwined with one of her characters. So the next scene has a small uniquity... a co-creator, and I just want to thank her for letting me steal her characters to fully flesh out this upcoming scene.

I enjoyed making it... I feel it's probably one of the most interesting sequences so far... and I hope you guys enjoy it too. Tune in Tuesday for the cover. (I'm only cheaping out on the update to try get MH updated, promise!)