The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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COMIC OF THE WEEK!   -  March 2, 2010   -   1330

Aaand the comic of the week is Sunset Grill!

I've said things about this comic before. There's a cameo from there somewhere in the past, and there's a cameo of Gabriel snuck somewhere in there. This comic, you see, has the personal honor of being the only 3D comic I actually like. I like it better than the big name ones. It's not the art, it's the writing. Sunset Grill appeals to one of my favorite things in writing: setting based stories. Also, smartass violent chefs. And French. Green skinned aliens! Imperials! Gang violence! Ahhh, good times... it's a great sci-fi comic worth a look if you either ilke 3D art or setting based stories.

Also, Kat has good taste in books. I read a few of the 'picks' that appear below the comic and enjoyed both of them! I'm a finicky reader so, well! Just thought I'd share the recommendation for the recommendations. >.>  

PANTS!   -  March 2, 2010   -   0438

It's now revealed: the reason for this entire comic was PANTS. Well, no. But yes. Pants. Though nothing really happened in this page I enjoyed drawing it and ended up spending more time on it than I should've. The only panel I'm not entirely happy with is the one of Rease... I don't feel like her face is really right, though I like the lighting. I really like the last panel of Saerin, though... I feel like I really hit what she's supposed to look like, there. The gesture and face and everything... the slightly amused but melencholy and bemused expression... yep. I'm happy with that for her. Reminds me that I really ought to update the cast page pictures.

So overall, I like this page. It's quiet, nothing really happens, it's not overly humorous... but it's got a quietness and natural feel I like. I wonder if that'll last. Hm.