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Happy new year!   -  January 3, 2010   -   0439

I resisted adding "No, actually, I'm Rease" to the first panel SO HARD. Happy New Year, by the way! I guess this is the first update of 2010, and this is a good one. I'm really happy with it OH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GLAD I AM TO FINALLY HAVE A SCENE THAT CONTAINS MORE THAN JUST BLANK WHITE WALLS OR COPIED AND PASTED OCEAN. Yeah. Seriously. I'm so sick of the lab and the White City interior and the SAME OCEAN SHOT ARGH. In my original script, this place is described...

"It is dark. Everything is lit by a pale shade of blue, moonlight and a few dim stars the only light to color the world."

So, you know, basically a nice rocky place with a dull moon overhead. After drawing so many pages of the SAME BORING OLD THINGS, though, I chucked that out of the window and started going WHEEEE FIRE FLOWERS GRASS TREES THANK GOODNESS.

I'm fairly happy with it. I'm having a lot of fun painting the colors and it makes me more excited to do the pages. Which is good, because my new year's resolution was to keep a buffer of at least once page. XP Let's see how long that lasts...