The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Art Marathon and more   -  December 27, 2009   -   0101

Mansion of E. Children of the Tiger. Art Marathon.

Art Marathon is a week long marathon drive to draw attention to Free the Slaves, and hopefully money. The artists participating will draw (or create art in other forms) for 24 hours. (I admit I may resort to other forms of art by the end, as I can't usually paint for more than 6 hours without feeling some strain.) Anyway, I'm participating, the 28th to 29th, probably starting at around three PM my time (Mountain time). Come and join me live on my account and watch me draw. And, for this 24 hour string only, I will do UBER CHEAP COMMISSIONS. Just donate 5 dollars or more to Free the Slaves (or Paypal me, my contact info can be found in the footer and in About, and I'll make sure it gets to them) under the Art Marathon heading and I'll draw something for you! I will draw for you live, PG rated stuff only, for at least fifteen minutes. For every five dollars I guarentee at least fifteen minutes of drawing time... whatever you want! 20 dollars and I draw for you for at least an hour. And I'm a fast artist. My average page takes me three hours, an average panel 30 minutes. Obviously I get slower as I get more tired so get on this now if you're interested in a donation incentive.

If no one donates and lets me know, though, I'll be drawing the next couple pages and my submission for Comic Creator's Alliance live, so worth checking out anyway. See what happens next ahead of time! And then random stuff! See what happens as my brain melts into a caffinated haze! (I don't know, I've never done an all nighter before. But I bought a couple cans of caffeine... it should be good... right? >.>)  

Merry Christmas!   -  December 25, 2009   -   0324

I don't do any of that 'happy holidays' stuff. Christmas or bust! D:<

Special School, and Kinnari. Read them. Consider these great reads your Christmas gift. Because the quick doodle I did with Merry Christmas slapped on it is so not a Christmas gift. I just felt like it since there was nothing really Christmas themed on this update. >_>  

TomGeeks exchange!   -  December 22, 2009   -   0028

Woo, SecretSanta exchanges! Requiem's Gate gave me a piece of fanart which will be added to the gallery in the new year once I take it down from here and I drew one for Witch and Cat which can be found slightly larger in my DeviantArt gallery.  

Today...   -  December 20, 2009   -   0351

There is an update. Woot! However, I do not believe there will be one for the 22nd, 24th, or 27th. Sorry, I know, what a terrible place to leave off.