The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Ugh.   -  November 22, 2009   -   0127

I am always way too tired to do the stuff I want to do when I have stuff I want to do, so I don't get it done. Y'know. Like the cover. Why do I always get really cool ideas when I don't have time? I have other stuff that needs doing too... argh... oh well, page for you guys, man, I am glad to be out of the lab now. Of course, in the next chapter it's even worse for simple color themes. D:

So yesterday I painted that lab background for the closet angle. I should've probably done that ages ago instead of using 'generic gray blobs'... I may retcon in some edits to some pages because I have that angle now... oh, on that note, sorta... I retconned some dialogue in the first three pages. Also, if you guys haven't seen, I added summary thingies to my story page for chapters one through five. I did them slightly differently than most people do--most people just write a few paragraphs. I did visual recaps, including images, so hopefully any newcomers to the comic won't feel they have to read EVERY chapter to know what's happened, what place is what, and who looks like what. Also just because being a slow moving story based comic things get forgotten, and since I'm following more than one character set... yeah, even easier to forget. Now there's a quick refresher option instead of just 'read the whole archives again'. Let me know if you think they're sufficiant. I'm trying to increase the userfriendlyness of this site. Ayep. I'll add one for chapter six... if I get time tommorow. Of course, priority for tommorow is 1) the church poster thingy that was supposed to be printed by today... of course, I have no printer anyway... D: 2) Nanowrimo. 3) Packing lunch for work. 4) The chapter cover... which is going to take way longer than it ought to if I draw what I want to draw... aaaaaaandyep. So yeah. This chapter is done and I am glad because I was getting sick of gray and blue/red/green glowies... of course, the glowies did make lighting easier, but it was boring. I just used a fuzzy brush. A lot. Really boring, actually.