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July 16 09   -  March 19, 2009   -   1529

'Nother update on the part of Jandalf, here. Enjoy, and make sure to check out T's other comic, The Millennium House:


July 16th   -  March 19, 2009   -   0121

TL;DR? UPDATE WILL BE LATE. Want to know why? Read on!

Soooo... update will be late. You know why? HUH? HUHH? Because MY COMPUTER IS DEAD. Okay, granted, I'm posting here, but right now I have no FTP. I will not have FTP until tommorow. USE VIRUS PROTECTION, RUN VIRUS SCANS, AND DON'T... oh, screw it, I got infected by reading a damn webcomic, apparently, because that's what I was doing at the time. THE INTERNET IS A SCARY PLACE, CHILDREN. YOU DON'T NEED TO WATCH PORN TO HAVE YOUR COMPUTER SUDDENLY FREAK OUT, FREEZE UP, CRASH YOUR VIRUS PROGRAMS, DOWNLOAD 600000 (okay, fine, 60) OTHER TROJANS, HIJACK YOUR BROWSERS, DESKTOP, MOUSE, SEND BRIGHT FLASHY VIRUS WARNINGS AND FAKE LOOKING VIRUS PROGRAMS INTO YOUR FACE, AND ULTIMATELY DESTROY YOUR HARDDRIVE.

Sooo... I was sitting around and happily reading a webcomic, painting my own stuff, listening to music and just doing the usual no-harm-possible stuff. Suddenly my windows whited out with the LOL WINDOWS IS FREEZING. Five minutes later it finally caught up to itself. I figured, eh, you know... virus scanner kicked in or something and I had a momentary lag spike. WRONG.

Suddenly, not too much later, AVG tosses a warning into my face that my computer now is infected with some virus. This wouldn't be a problem if suddenly my desktop hadn't changed, fake virus programs were popping up, and my browser was hijacked. AVG could've probably helped... but you know... two minutes later my computer crashes. Booting up, my mouse is hijacked (ei: IT WON'T MOVE. I tried both my tablet and my normal mouse and keystrokes and whatnot), and it's running fake virus scans. I ended up going into safe mode, running Malwarebytes, which removed 58 out of 60 trojans, claiming I needed a reboot. Oh, thank goodness that before I moved on I backed up all of my files... the only things I lost were Photoshop customizations, I do believe. Gradients, and actions, and... small loss.

I booted up, normal enough, but things were still wonky (by wonky I mean googling did nothing, but come up with a couple duplicate fake pages, for example... and my virus programs all crashed/wouldn't run...) so I sent out for new and further solutions. I was busy working on one (disabling weird things in my startup and my processes based on someone else's experiences with a similar virus... interestingly the process I was trying to kill came up with nothing when I googled.) when suddenly... POPUPS. EVERYWHERE. LIKE FIVE THOUSAND OF THEM. Okay, okay, 39. My computer crashed.

I couldn't boot up. No safe mode, no nothing. Safe mode hung at some driver, mud or something, can't remember now... normal mode just did the loop boot thing. I went all SCREW THAT AT LEAST I'M ALL BACKED UP EXCEPT FOR THOSE PHOTOSHOP THINGUMMERS BUT I'LL LIVE, grabbed my Windows XP disk and went OKAY REFORMATTING NOAW. This was a day in. It took me like, 24 hours to back up all my files. o_o (And I tested the external on another harddrive before all this happened, and ran virus scans on it, so we're all cool.)

Reformatting... right.


SO YOU KNOW HOW WHEN YOU REFORMAT IT DOES THIS THING WHERE YOU RUN THIS STUFF AND IT DOES THIS STUFF? ...You know. It takes you to this blue screen and shows you your harddrive/partitions and crap? Okay, so, it only shows me half of my harddrive existing... F has vanished... it only reads C. I figure meh and go to reformat C anyway. It seems to work... until it goes to do the first reboot... and loops. Again. And again. Mom did some stuff with the booting up stuff--yeah, I have no idea what she did--and we finally got C to format and Windows to install, but it can't see F. Oh yeah, nor can it see my wireless network card. Which apparently also got fried. THAT made sense, it's been glitching out for the last year now, I randomly DC unless I kick it...

Currently I'm using my half of a harddrive with a new wireless network card and a new hard drive sitting over there on my dresser. Tommorow we're putting that in and REINSTALLING WINDOWS AGAIN! So since I'm using a temporary installation of Windows, I'm not going to bother with any brand new and exciting programs, waste of time--I put on Avast and Opera and Photoshop and my tablet. ...Yeah, Photoshop. So sue me. I wanted to paint really badly. XD There is no FTP. I'm not bothering with FTP until I have my computer finally resetup. We figure we can probably wipe my old harddrive to 0s or something and then I'll have twice as much harddrive space. I'd say I'm not complaining, but I ASSURE YOU, I am complaining. I have spent two days fighting to get my computer to even just damn well reformat so I can use it again. I am right pissed off, I've got some kind of stomach flu, and DAMNIT. I am going to sit here and happily paint away without any concerns until tommorow when WHEEE, WINDOWS INSTALLING TIEM STRIKES BACK. D: You guys can sit happy and tight until my Windows is rereinstalled and I install an FTP program, or Jandalf updates for me, whichever comes first.