The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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July 12   -  March 10, 2009   -   0059

One of the things Dream developed as a magical ability was the ability to use dreamworlds as a method of teleportation. He could make a portal and basically step between places and pop out on the other side, manipulating the flow of the entire world. Saerin, as his guardian, picked up on what he did and threw her own twists on them. Magic could be used to create holes in things, and she developed this to her own advantages. As she was better known as a dream magician than Dream himself (smart guy, staying undercover) it sort of came in handy when people were trying to kill her. Too bad magic isn't a catch all escape from jail free card. Aredium prevents the use of certain powers, and wards prevent the use of others, and if all else fails, well, it all depends on who can outthink the other. ^_^

These three pages are... I'm still happy with them and it's a few months after I DID them. I'm pleased with the pacing, sure there's artistic faults and stuff... but... I'm pretty happy with this sequence. Hellion's face, and the hail of gunfire... I was just fairly pleased with how it turned out. And the final panel of Saerin. Yeah...

Check out my new project. I did it for Nanomango and dumped it on DrunkDuck for the lulz, it should update weekly if all goes well and features more Larali and Kalin, who appear as minor characters in this sequence. Plus more steampunk!