The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Woot, April 17th   -  October 13, 2008   -   0332

Woohoo. Late update here, the update on ComicGenesis will be EVEN LATER, let me assure you. I passed out so badly today... I was out for hours and hours and hours and hours and and and and and... and.. yeah. So this is an old page edit... too lazy to redraw it even though honest to goodness this is one of the more graphic pages I did, in a non-graphic sort of way. So I just hiked up the environmental look as I did with a few of the others. This one's not a top priority to redo, anyway, unlike the last one... D: Anywho, yep, the next sequence will be pretty much as it was on the old site. In fact... pretty much the rest of it is going to be just the same old stuff with some modified panels and dialogue and ordering, in that there won't be any break in between scenes now (unlike in the original), Gabriel/Falahil will be stitched together... but yeah... basically... it's going to be all the same stuff. >_> There will be SOME edits, but not nearly as many. This next sequence will see some: the chapter page cover for chapter "three" (formerly two) will be redrawn entirely... uh... if I have time, page two of chapter two will be redrawn entirely because OMG I HATE THAT PAGE ahem... lala, no self-loathing here, nope! Uh... and yeah, some of the crappier looking faces will probably be retconned, maybe some dialogue altered, speech bubbles made consistantly lopsided and white, I'll have to find a consistant way of doing Gabriel's narrative tags... yeah, mostly it's going to be a lot of the same stuff with only edits a few people will notice. I note that some people from here have already read through it over there. ^_^ Because of this I'm going to try speed through to catch up as soooooon as possible. Multi page updates will be posted, etc. Unless I have major editing to do... and a few pages I plan to do some editing (not just environmental additions like this page) there will probably be as many pages as logically fit together. This won't last. =(

Irony, my original script had a lot of 'narrators interacting' in the boxes, which I took out because I thought it was 'too confusing'. Heh. I ended up doing it anyway, with Talnaver/Avante, and later on Rease/Saerin and that's hardly it. Oh well. I guess it wanted to be a theme of Between Places.