The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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PLANETSHINY--April 10th, 09   -  October 5, 2008   -   0635

AAAAAAAAAAAND LOOK THE UPDATE FINALLY Yes. That simple page was what held me up. I finally went 'screw it, I hate it, it's going up anyway'. Double update, it will be split in the archive... would've made it a triple but combining the pages with the two page spread was awkward. I took out a lot of the dialogue from the planet page, Avante and Aefrain's dialogue as well as the big captionmabbober. It makes less sense, but it's also less confusing, and that's good. Talnaver and Galvahaert didn't show up in the original version of this scene. I was originally planning to flashback to show that she was here. However, I made a mild script modification and it made the flashback too... er... cheap.

This is it for the new content! From this point on, it's easy going. All updates will be multiple pages, based on the best points to split them. Multiple pages will be split up in the archive, however, probably. They will still be three days a week rather than daily as planned, and there will be minor modifications. Nevertheless, it will be the same content as can be found on the ComicGenesis site, bar modifications and tweaking which I inevitably will do, especially to that one page unless I sit on my hands while uploading it. D: I'm going to try upload chapters three, four and five as fast as I can because really, I want to move over to SpiderForest all the way. I'm sick of ComicGenesis and the Phantom of the Attack of the Laggy Queue Strikes Back. D: