The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Oops... Feb 6th   -  August 13, 2008   -   0232

Meep. I guess it wasn't an afternoon update. In my defense, I spend all freaking day coding. One randomizer (look, I wasn't happy with how my randomizer worked, okay? It was too clunky. I want ONE line of code. I managed to get it to that!) and I started work on fixing up my World page, to make it actually, uh, user friendly and contain more information. Since currently, all my extra content is scattered across a bunch of pages, it's not really that easy to find anything. I'm also working on a revamp of the Cast page. And then I also started working on PHP templating my site, which is in action on the index page but no others yet, but this will enable me to edit the sidebar/header/footer from single files. None of this is up yet, but hopefully it will be, soon! I'm also going to try get the archive page up with pages archived from THIS comic rather than linking to the pages on ComicGenesis! Oh yeah, and there's a couple new additions to my links page. Here they are! Read them and love them! (not just because two out of three link to me but that's a good reason for you to read Tales from the Middle Kingdom and Elven Lacryment--they like me, you like them, yes? XD)

I'll make my next update a double page update. Hey, I'm busy coding AND working on some entirely new content for chapter two! Give me a break here, this is on top of my three-day-a-week update. =P