The first volume of Between Places. Not up to reading 300 pages? Get the fast track here! A stand-alone story about the end of a dream.
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Actually December 31st; important things on the update schedule   -  June 20, 2008   -   0000

Awwwwrighty. Here's one page update, no changes made. Tommorow's update will be a new page. There will be one page on here, and one page on the ComicGenesis site. The upcoming scene will be mostly new pages, so I cannot promise there will be an update every day until I get out of this scene. So, here's the breakdown:

The next four pages will be painted from scratch. As I've cut out the scene with Shay, I had to remove the transition from her scene back to Dayun and Gabriel, requiring some new stuff here. It will update with one page on Thursday (and the 'present time' archive will update as well) and I will try to get the other three pages finished and up as soon as I can. This means I will be TRYING to do a page every day, but that doesn't mean I will succeed. Chances are, there will be two over the weekend. After that, the next two pages will remain as they are in the old archive, with tweaking. They will be a single update. Then the next four pages again, are all new. I will do my best to get a page a day, but no promises. If I can't do a page a day, there will be a page every day the current time archive does not update, meaning a week to get through each set of new pages. I wouldn't complain, that means you get art every day two weeks. =P After that, the archive will continue as it is in the old archive, and I will post those pages in batches of two or three and it will update daily. These will carry through the entire scene with Dayun's flashback and that will be chapter one.

Then there will be chapter two. Chapter two also contains some new art. Around 8-12 pages. I will work on completeing these while I'm posting the rest of chapter one. I can't promise they'll be done, but unfortunately, chapter two also requires new art as again, I'm altering the flow of scenes. Chapter three will be Gabriel's sequence of scenes, unaltered, and again, I will post those in batches daily and then we'll be caught up. I will try update daily, and if there's no new pages, this site WILL update daily until I catch up. When I catch up, updates will continue here and only here. Thanks for reading this wall of text! Tune in tommorow (Thursday) for a new update for chapter one and a new update for chapter three!