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Testymctest   -  June 24, 2008   -   0000

So this comic replaces this one: June 24th and is therefore dated that way, though it's really actually January fourth, 2009 now. There's another scene following that page in the old archive. However, we're going to carry right on into the old couple pages that it led into... and because I'll be posting a couple old pages (with texture tweaking and stuff to make it match better, of course) they'll be posted tommorow. Both of them. Tune in tommorow!

Also, the repainted version of this page contains a cameo from the comic Twilight Lady, which is a comic I'd recommend to my readers. It has really weird 3D art and the kind of story I think you guys would like. So yeah, there's Rona in the background. I'm not quite positive on her coloring since, as I mentioned, the art is kind of strange and usually very colorful, so I went with a nice default skin tone and a white shirt. I was too lazy to archive dive much more than I did. =P But yeah, pretty good comic. I'm tired. It's 1:00 PM now. I haven't slept yet. Woot.

There was also an update today on the ComicGenesis version, to chapter three. Feel free to check it out if you haven't already and you're following the current-time plot too.